looking for a period.

Let me say this straight and let me say it clear, I am looking for a period and not a comma. I am looking for a period because I need a period not a series of commas that result to a confusing compounded sentence full of thoughts but empty of meaning.

I need you to be clear. I want you to be lucid. It does not matter whether you will kiss me or slap me. What I am just asking is that when you do choose to kiss me, I want that kiss to be wet, intrusive, and eternal. I want that kiss to be so honest that the moment my lips meet yours, our tongues would just intertwined with one another, melting into one long connection between who you are and what I am.

But if you do happen to choose to slap me, I want that slap to sting, to mark, to reverberate. I want that slap to be so hard that it would make my head turn sideways, leaving no doubt about your intentions and leaving me with no doubt about my pain.

I need you to give me certainty. It does not matter what kind, as long as it is definite and immovable. I need to be certain of where you will leave me or if you do choose, where you will start the journey with me. I need you to give me that period because that will be my compass that will help me find my way to where I am meant to be. Whether it is with you or without you, it does not matter. I just need to keep on moving, to go on with my life, to progress. I need a new chapter. I need that period.


4 Responses to “looking for a period.”

  1. Have you tried placing the period yourself?

    It’s hard when you’d rather not. 😐

  2. ah yes! to wish for that kind of certainty.

  3. certainty is never spoken, sometimes. circumstances make you realize what it is.

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