to kindle or not to kindle?

My mom has been bugging me for weeks to do another inventory of the books I want to give to a nearby school. She is planning to have our house repainted and she wants to clear away as much clutter from our storage room as possible. I finally obliged a while ago and came up with 3 large bags and 1 big box full of books to give (see picture). It was not an easy thing for me to do but I guess I have to do it regularly if I don’t want to have our house turn into one big storage facility.

Looking at the stacks of books I will be giving away this time made me consider having a Kindle. I already thought of getting one months ago but back then the thrill of going to a bookstore and browsing its shelves made me stick to the printed versions. But right now I’m seriously considering a Kindle once again. Having one means not having to contend with the accumulation of books in our house, saving paper (which hopefully will contribute to saving trees), and having a new gadget to play with (I confess, the last reason is such a temptress).


4 Responses to “to kindle or not to kindle?”

  1. sakin mo na idonate ung ibang books. 🙂

    i’ve got a kindle but it hasn’t arrived from the US yet. i’d write a review as soon as i can get my hands on it.

  2. armedlittleboy Says:

    huwaw. when will it arrive?

    sige il post some of the titles here for those who wants to adopt

  3. darwin! ako, willing recipient! pero can i donate books din?

    • armedlittleboy Says:

      surely. pero dinonate na yun latest batch sa public school eh. aagawan mo pa ba ang mga bata?

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