they say a lot of substances can cause addiction. alcohol, cocaine, morphine, nicotine, caffeine… the list goes on and on.

but dear, they forgot to include you.

after almost a year and a half, i find myself still hopelessly addicted to you. and i feel i will spend the rest of my life nursing this addiction.

it does not matter. for unlike those other substances wherein addiction causes degradation and wrinkles, being addicted to you uplifts me.

as jack nicholson said in the movie ‘as good as it gets’: “you make me want to be a better man”.

i am not perfect. i am far from good. but like the road projects of the DPWH, the pipe laying of Maynilad Water, and the construction of the SLEX, my being better may be taking quite a long time, but trust me i will be better. riding with me will be a lot smoother than what it is right now.

slowly the potholes will be gone, the leaks will be plugged, and we will have one smooth, speed-bursting, full throttle ride into those magnificent sunflower fields.

all i ask is for you to hold my hand while work on me is in progress. i am a priority project for you.


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