i had my birthday (again) two weeks ago. inching closer and closer to my third decade in this sometimes wonderful, most often so so, but always sunshiny world.

i am getting older but i am not getting any older.

i still like playing pranks, reading archie comics, and singing sesame street’s ‘sunny days’. and this makes me worry. while people around my age are already starting a family, buying insurance left and right, and practically transforming their lives, i can be found scouring bookstore shelves, fitting clothes, or just oversleeping beside my elmo stuffed toy.

it IS worrying.

i feel like a student that forgot to do a really important assignment. i feel that i should have done something, should be doing something, but i just don’t know what that something is. the season of cramming is fast approaching once again.

but while im still trying to figure out what i should have already done, should be doing, and should do in the coming years, let me just oversleep, with elmo staring right unto my face, one more time.


5 Responses to “birthdays”

  1. well, either you’re a late bloomer, does not like a responsibility or simply a somnanbulist refusing to wake up. However, whatever it is, a lot of people would definitely trade places with you. Imagine no worries!

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwww. it’s been a long time. miss ko ung mga gawa mo… ok lang ung elmo nman eh may kasamang “teddy”

  3. John Ryan Recabar Says:

    i just felt the same…

    i seem to be going nowhere.

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