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my mom is a wise ass 3

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(watching TV with my chubby aunt; Fit and right commercial is being played)

aunt: uminom kaya ako nyan baka sakaling pumayat ako

mom: naku hindi ka kakayanin nyan

me: lol



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‘the artist is a committed person,

that he will always take the side of any human being

who is violated,




whatever his instrument- the pen, the brush, or the camera’

– Lino Brocka

dusting off forwarded mush part 1

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‘contrary to what a lot of us think, we do not look for love because it sucks to be alone watching movies on saturdays, because it is sad to eat meals alone, because it is nice to cuddle up with someone on rainy days…

we look for love because we want to be forgiven…

we want to be forgiven for the sloppy way we dress, we want to be forgiven for the clumsy way we eat our meals, for the uncool way we do stuff, for bad hairs and for the plainness of ourselves…

love is an act of forgiveness… we love because we know that for all our imperfections, we are accepted.. and forgiven.. and loved anyway.’

the love affair

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it all started in grade six when we were brought to the library and asked to pick a book that we will have to borrow and write a report about. i picked a large picture book about ducks. or geese. or something with feathers and bills. anyway, we didn’t jive, the book and me, but i found some satisfaction in the process of choosing a book, checking it out, and reading it page by page at home.

so when i returned the book the next week i went to the shelves again and picked another picture book (and i can’t remember for the life of me what it was all about). i returned it the next day having finished it on the way out of the library on the day that i borrowed it. and so it went for a whole week. return, go to shelf, borrow, return, back to shelf.

then i realized why am i picking books in just one part of the library (the part where colorful cushions, the alphabet carpet, and midgets all huddle together)? why not in other areas where people are of more normal heights? so i went to this shelves of thicker, albeit dustier books, picked out one by random and checked it out. i picked a hardy boys novel and the love affair started.

i couldn’t stop reading. page after page after page. i didn’t know until that point that books can be exciting, that it can open up worlds i could not have imagined, and that it would enable me to turn my back on my life for just a moment and feel what it is like to fly. i fell in love.

and as love affairs go, the early days were like a whirlwind of fond memories and stolen moments. i would grope for the book upon waking up and clutch at it until i fall asleep. i would read under my desk during classes and race towards the library to get a new one at the end of the school day. it came to a point that i am running out of books to read in the library and so i searched other libraries. i befriended classmates i haven’t spoken to before just to be able to borrow books, and i saved my allowance to be able to buy during book sales. i was that lost in love.

but as with all true loves, it tends to mellow, to mature, to be calmed, while staying buoyant and alive. there is still that feeling of warmth and comfort when i see a pile of books and an involuntary reaching out for nearby lovers to appreciate them more closely. for like a security blanket i feel at ease whenever i have one nearby. it serves as a reminder that there are worlds out there that i can explore. that i can go back to tsarist Russia, that i can sit in 221B Baker st in 19th century Britain, drink butterbeer while playing with my wand, chase murderers in the coast of England, and survive the games of the Capitol. it enables me to be me and to be more than me at the same time. that is the greatest of loves

anyway all i really want to say, amidst this dizzying rambling, is that i love books. i really do.

Weirdest Android apps

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I recently bought a new phone, an Android phone (an HTC desire to be exact), and with Sun cellular’s unlimited mobile internet I have been turned into a crazed-obsessed apps download junkie. you would see me standing against our office building’s glass walls, arms raised, trying to maximize sun’s internet signal so as to hasten the downloading of applications that caught my fancy.

As I wade through the numerous android apps, I have experienced a number of ‘wtf-is-this-for-real moments’ caused by really weird apps. Here’s some of them:

1. My Perfect Egg Timer Pro (Spreebytes)

Description: My perfect egg timer Pro measures the egg size on the screen and calculates the exact time for boiling eggs. Taking the egg diameter, egg temperature, the altitude you are in, and how hard or soft you want it into account, the app starts an egg timer once the egg is in boiling water. Shortly before the egg is done, you will be notified.

Me: Either you really, really, really love eggs or youre suffering from an obsessive-compulsive disorder

2. Pillow (Justin Powell)

Description: A delightful pocket pillow to pull out whenever you need a snooze. Shows you a picture of a pillow.

Me: Are you kidding me? This is just like looking at a picture of a cold glass of iced tea in the middle of a desert during el nino.

3. Massage experts (qwinter)

Description: Can choose three kinds of vibration modes. Masturbation massage kind is included.

Me: I didnt download this. I swear.

4. Up to you-Sexual positions (sampson)

Description: There are many things couples need to decide, but sometimes very difficult to choose a common will, then from the master you can help solve the annoyance, as long as you gently swinging about, we can solve the problems between you. Roll the dice and see what position you will do tonight.

Me: Uhm.

5. Applause Clap your hand (Strange Sound)

Description: Applause is primarily the expression of approval by the act of clapping, or striking the palms of the hands together, in order to create noise. Audiences are usually expected to applaud after a performance, such as a musical concert, speech, or play.

Now you can clap your hand without getting hurt, clap, clap, have fun

Me: Can we get any lazier than this?

my mom is unappreciative

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(me coming home with a pack of black rice)

mom: ano yan?

me: bigas

mom: bigas? bakit kulay itim?

me: kasi black rice yan

mom: anung black rice? kadiri naman yan

me: masarap ito! saka mataas ang antioxidants nito

mom: ayoko nyan

me: mataas nga antioxidants nito eh

mom: eh aanhin ko antioxidants kung mamatay naman ako sa gutom dahil di ko makain yan?

me: hmp.

the gestalt prayer

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I do my thing and you do your thing.

I am not in this world to live up to your expectations,
And you are not in this world to live up to mine.
You are you, and I am I,
and if by chance we find each other,
it’s beautiful.

If not, it can’t be helped.