If I die right now and face God and be asked how I spent my life on earth my answer would be simple, ‘it’s all in my room’.

My days are littered around my room; a phone, a car key, pairs and pairs of shoes, mountains of books, and a cabinet-full of clothes. I must have worked almost two weeks of my life to buy the phone, exchanged several months to have the car, and lord knows how many years I gave up to be able to have the money to accumulate the shoes, the books, the clothes, and the clutter (yes, clutter costs a lot, a lot more than we thought).

Dear god, it is all in my room. I was born, I bought things, I have died. There is nothing more to say.


2 Responses to “glimpses”

  1. Doni Cifra Says:

    two weeks for the phone…

    laki na ng sweldo ah… nicely done

  2. Pautang nga

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