have you ever wonder why most of us tend to ask couples how long they have been together? on why do we really ask? and why do we really want to know? and what good will an insignificant random number give to our insignificant chaotic lives?

i can only imagine what runs through most minds when the question ‘gaano na kayo katagal?’ has been answered. i guess it depends on the reply. ‘a month’ will probably have some thinking ‘uh oh better not invest too much feelings into it yet’ while others would heave a sigh of relief and think ‘oh thank god, still new, there is still a chance it would end much too soon, like mine usually do’. an answer of ‘a couple of months’ or ‘three’ or ‘four’ would probably produce ambivalence and confusion ‘hhhmm let’s wait for a couple more months then we’ll see if i’m gonna be jealous or relieved that we’re on the same sinking boat’.

but our thoughts would run in a different path when the answer reaches the ‘year’ as a unit of measurement. an answer of ‘one year na kami’ or ‘mag two years na’ would usually produce forced smiles and evil thoughts ‘eh ano naman sa akin yun’, ‘ah talaga, hanggang kelan na lang naman kaya?’ or ‘masaya ka nga, may pera ka ba?’.

now an interesting phenomenon happens when the answer turns out to be more than a couple of years. a reply of ‘three years’ or almost five years na’ would usually result to people thinking, ‘oh my god, you must be sooo bored already’, or ‘uhm eh nasaan ang wedding ring?’ or ‘naku buti di mo pa nahuhuli’.

then all of a sudden thoughts would again turn a corner when the replies become more and more astounding. an answer of ‘seven years’ or ‘ten years’ would usually just cause a ‘wow’ or ‘huh?’ to most minds.

i don’t know why we do it. this asking of relationship age.

maybe some of us are masochistic. and others would just want a gloating moment, ‘ay mas matagal kami’.

and still others just want a reassurance. with their countless failed short-termed relationships, they desperately seek couples who somehow or the other manage to maintain their togetherness through time. and when they ask these couples, ‘how long have you been together?’, the answers, like CPR to a flailing heart, would send them hoping once again with thoughts of ‘wow, wow, wow… wow’ reverberating through their brains.


9 Responses to “numbers”

  1. Doni Cifra Says:

    ans: standard small talk follow-up question to “may jowa ka?”

    A: may jowa ka?
    B: meron
    A: talaga? gano na kayo katagal?

    dapat mag-isip ng bagong strategy/ small talk question.

    A: may jowa ka?
    B: meron
    A: talaga? umuutot ka ba sa harap niya?

  2. Doni Cifra Says:

    sobra… haaayy

  3. sinoako Says:

    pogi nga sya. kaya crush ko yan e

  4. sinoako Says:

    nagsasabi lang po ng totoo

  5. haaaaaaaay nakakamiss nga ang toxic life…..

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