“Does he love me? Does he love anyone more than me? Does he love me more than I love him? Perhaps all the question we ask of love, to measure, test, and probe, and save it, have the additional effect of cutting it short. Perhaps the reason we are unable to love is that we yearned to be loved, that is, we demand something (love) from our partner instead of delivering ourselves up to him demand-free and asking for nothing but his company”

The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera

“And it came to me then. That we were wonderful traveling companions but in the end no more than lonely lumps of metal in their own separate orbits. From far off they look like beautiful shooting stars, but in reality they are nothing more than prisons, where each of us is locked up alone, going nowhere. When the orbits of these two satellites of ours happened to cross paths, we could be together. Maybe even open our hearts to each other. But that was only for the briefest moment. In the next instant we’d be in absolute solitude. Until we burned up and became nothing.”

Sputnik Sweetheart, Haruki Murakami


12 Responses to “quotes.love”

  1. sinoako Says:

    inlab si boy?

  2. I love these.

    The Murakami quote is sad, though.

  3. Doni Cifra Says:

    naiyak ako dun sa Murakami… totoo yata siya

  4. awts.. mmmmm TAGOS!! ouch

  5. armedlittleboy Says:

    fight! fight! fight!

  6. sinoako Says:

    singkit ka pala

  7. sinoako Says:

    admirer mo

  8. sinoako Says:

    cute huh

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