my job (no need to read further. this is just a rant).

you know what my job is? my job is to research about shopping. to know why people shop. how people shop. when people shop. where people shop. i aim to discover these things so that i can determine how to make people either shop more or buy more when they shop. my job is shopping.

and just in case you are wondering if i also shop, the answer is yes, i do shop.

how? i shop with purpose. with determination. with zeal.

where? i shop everywhere.

when? i shop as often as my bank account permits me to.

why? i shop so that i can escape the reality that i am using up my days in trying to figure out something meaningful and worthwhile (and yes, i am being sarcastic here) for the human race: why, how, where, when people shop.

i thank you. bow.


5 Responses to “my job (no need to read further. this is just a rant).”

  1. daredevilry Says:

    it’s the first time in years since i shopped for myself. i forgot how tiring it all is and that i just want it finished as soon as i can

  2. armedlittleboy Says:

    it is really sooo tiring

  3. hi,

    classic example of people who had a fortune to dispense with-shopping. what a way to have some shopping therapy. good post.

  4. You made me laugh. Thank you. 🙂

    (I mean, not at your predicament or something, but just the way you wrote this. 🙂

  5. armedlittleboy Says:

    hhhmmm thanks

    sorry i havent done any blog visiting lately. but will do when i have more free time 🙂

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