first day observations

(840am): i was stunned. a whole floor of cubicles opened in front of me, the biggest accumulation of cubicles i have ever seen in my entire life. as i wade through the middle of it trying to find my assigned hole, i could not help but have flashes of sweat shop images i saw on TV the other week. weird. weird why i have come to associate this office with sweat shops. it is however an astounding feat for this company to make an office full of laptop computers, swivel chairs, and corporate dresses look like a one big factory of computer motherboards. kudos to the interior designer who really took the aesthetic of minimalism to the fullest. *clap clap.

(8:42am): as my shoes continue to clip clop on the linoleum floor (pfizer’s floor is carpeted) i was awed by the utmost concentration being exhibited. there must be close to forty people on the floor but not a single conversation can be heard. they are all hypnotized by their computer screens. makes me wonder whether their jobs are really that engrossing or their just being busy facebooking (until i learned facebook is blocked aaarrrggghhh, it must be their jobs then).

(9:14): but amidst all this gloom (work is not a form of uppers for me) i discovered free coffee! weeeeeeeee! and not just coffee, but those fancy kinds of coffee such as cappuccino, cafe latte, and cafe mocha. and iced tea too! and lemonade! liters and liters of free beverages all day long!

(10:20am): there is a really fat guy on the floor. really fat. he sits on a special chair.

(11am): facebook is blocked!!!

(11:25am): one good thing about having busy office mates is that they fail to notice me sneaking out of my cubicle to have an early lunch

(11:34am): rockwell does seem to offer a limited range of places to eat. there is jollibee, kfc, and kenny rogers. the rest are either too expensive or have names that are too hard to pronounce thus they must be much more expensive than the expensive ones.

(2:10pm): free M_ _ _ too!

(3:40pm): unbelievable. i went to poop and the toilet bowls in this place have a built in bidet! i just have to turn a knob and a gush of water is sprayed against my ass. wow. look mommy, no hands!

(4pm): those quaker oats cookies are really good. better than their granola bars.

(4:50pm): uh oh. it seems my watch is 10 minutes advanced from the company clock. and here i am thinking its 5pm already geeeezzz.

(5:02pm): still 28 minutes to go??!!

(5:30pm) i am standing up. i am getting my bag. i am leaving my cubicle. everyone is still working hard. uhm does not bode well for my life.


5 Responses to “first day observations”

  1. sunshine Says:

    magbehave ka sa office sinasabi ko sayo. hmpf. i love you.

  2. hastydevil Says:

    lol. good luck. sa umpisa lang yang early out na yan

  3. you should read ‘Then we came to the end’ joshua ferris.

    hey where do you work now?

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