what i learned today

we all should learn something new each day. here are some of the things i learned from my ever reliable boredom busting ipod application:

1. Horses cannot vomit and pigs cannot look up to the sky
2. Bananas contain a natural chemical which can make a person happy. This same chemical is also found in Prozac
3. Penguins can jump as high as 6 feet in the air
4. A person will die from total lack of sleep sooner than from starvation. Death will occur about 10 days without sleep, while starvation takes a few weeks.
5. The most fatal car accidents occur in Saturdays.
6. Tasmania has the cleanest air in the inhabited world.
7. Next to man, the porpoise is the most intelligent creature on earth.
8. Crushed cockroaches can be applied to a stinging wound to help relieve the pain.
9. Children laugh about 400 times a day, while adults laugh on average only 15 times a day.
10. All mammals, except man and monkey are color blind.


4 Responses to “what i learned today”

  1. Number 8 is the weirdest thing here.

    But totally enjoyed reading ’em all. :p

  2. i agree that number 8 is a weird thing.

  3. braindead Says:

    how come you have an ipod? i tot ur anti apple?

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