the no-approved-therapeutic-effect president

days before the election noynoy aquino is surging ahead in the surveys and it seems nothing can stop him now from winning the presidency. he is poised to win by a landslide, supported by almost 40% of the electorate. imagine that, from a nobody to THE ONE.

when he first emerged as a possible presidential candidate, weeks after the death of his mother, former president Cory Aquino, i was actually enamored by him. i thought he would be my presidential bet. that i would support him and that i would vote for him. i really thought he is what this country needs, until i really thought it over.

what is he offering really? what is he bringing into the table? aside from his parents’ contributions, there really is nothing much about him to be inspired of. he has not done anything of substance. he has not proven anything of worth. he reminds me of those numerous food supplements flooding the market that promise cures left and right. products that claim to be effective in this kind of illness or potent in that type of disease only to be followed by a “no approved therapeutic effect” reminder at the end of their spiel. its so nice to hear the promised benefits but there is just no supporting evidence to back it all up. such a pity.

wonder why hr people ask for past job experiences? or college performance from a fresh graduate? its because studies show that the best predictor of how an employee will perform in the future is his/her performance in the past. if the presidency is like a job application wherein the recruitment officer carefully sifts through a stack of resume to determine who will get an interview, noynoy’s resume which covers more than a decade of performance in the legislative, will sadly be one of the first to meet the paper shredder.

it is really a pity. i so want to believe in him. i so want to vote for him. but on closer scrutiny, there seems to be nothing worthwhile to scrutinize. he is nothing but a well-painted, 2-dimensional image of hope done by a nation too willing to believe in miracles to escape the too hard to swallow pill of reality.


2 Responses to “the no-approved-therapeutic-effect president”

  1. true.. it must not be yellow vs. orange but green vs. red… (luntian o pula… sagisag magpakailan man——UP NAMING MAHAL wwhahahha)

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