i woke up with a start. there was blackness everywhere. totally black. the lights from the street that usually seep through my bedroom are nowhere to be found. there was no moon, no stars. there was nothing except the blackness. at first i thought i was just dreaming, so i fluttered my eyelids. i blinked repeatedly. then i curled my fingers. i moved my legs. i touched my face. i am awake. i am sure of it. i am awake in the middle of this blackness. this blackness so black, so thorough, it seems like a solid mass of black matter that can be sliced into pieces and served like pies.
still lying, i turned my head to the right, i stared up, i faced my left. all black. if not for the pillows and the blanket against me and the weight of my body on the bed, i would have thought i am floating in a sea of nothingness. at a loss, i called out “hello?”. nothing. i called out again this time drawing out each syllable “heeeee-llooooooooo?” still nothing. its just me and the blackness. i raised myself up partially. at a loss of what to do i remained half sitting, half-lying on my bed for several minutes, or hours maybe, i am not sure. time seems to have been pushed out of existence to make space for all this blackness.
then suddenly, right in front of me, a whooshing sound is emitted and a circular hole the size of a coin opened up. this nothingness, this blackness, has opened its mouth, a hole so black that it rendered the surrounding blackness into dawn. slowly, the hole started rotating. with each rotation, it became bigger and bigger until it became the size of my head.
unable to control myself, i peered into the hole but i could not see anything. there is only nothing and no more. not knowing why, i put my head into the hole to get a better glimpse of nothing and all at once a great and terrifying force started sucking my head into the hole. taken by surprise, i could not do anything but grasped at the edges of the hole as my head gets sucked into its depths. i could feel the skin of my face being pulled away from me and my neck strain to the limit as my body tries its very best to hold unto my head. the pain was terrible. my fingers are getting numb from holding on. my body is getting weak from resisting.
i let go. and swoosh i went through its mouth. i floated into blackness. i was weightless. there was nothing. i was floating in nothing. i tried to move but all i can do is flail helplessly. tired, i let myself float while staring at the blackness. i stared at it until i had my fill. until it had filled me. until the blackness that enveloped me is inside me. and then i floated once more. i am floating into blackness, into nothingness and i am one with it.


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