one questions

1. Aquino- Do you still blame the farmers for supposedly instigating the violent dispersal in Hacienda Luisita last November 16, 2004 where 7 farmers were killed, 200 injured, and more than 120 arrested?

2. Teodoro- Why did you not attempt to dismantle the private army of the Ampatuans (rather than advise Mangundadatu not to continue his plan to run for governor) when you already know way before the Maguindanao massacre happened, that the Ampatuans have already threatened to resort to violence?

3. Villar- What is the c5 controversy all about?

4. Gordon- Do you still believe that the minimum wage law should be abolished and that employers be given the freedom to determine how much they will pay their employees?

5. Villanueva- How can you separate religion from governance?

6. Estrada- Why do you really want to run again?

7. Madrigal- Are you straight?

8. delos Reyes- Who are you?

9. Perlas- Who are you too?


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