eight years ago on the 21st of april

it was around midnight when they came to get us. there were three of them. two men and a woman. they led us to the back of the house where a path overgrown by waist-high grasses led to a river. silently, in single file, we followed the weak beam from a single flashlight until we hear a quiet lapping of water against rocks.
we have reached the bank of the river where a small boat lay waiting. the woman climbed unto the boat and the two men pushed it into the water. then they beckoned to us to climb aboard. one by one we stepped into the river, ankles wet, and climbed unto the boat as it was being pushed farther into the water.
as we floated to the middle of the river, the paddles started working and we were on our way.
gliding through between limestone cliffs, the water looked like glass against the full force of a full moon. silence reigned, broken only by the sound of the paddles as they entered the water. there were shadows everywhere. a gentle breeze filled the darkness as stars attempt to break the monotony of the dark.
all at once i felt at peace. the night. the moon. the silence. the stars. floating on a boat. gliding on a river. being caressed by the breeze. if i am going to die here, let me die now. i am at peace.


2 Responses to “eight years ago on the 21st of april”

  1. hastydevil Says:

    you should write more like these.

  2. Very strong imagery, vivid and intense. I like it. 🙂

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