an open letter to those dressed in white

and so i say, if you cannot prevent your flock from fucking each other on a regular basis through the use of guilt and some choice passages in a holy book,

then please do not sabotage the desire of some people to protect those who are eternally horny from diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and life changing complications.

if you fail, again and again, to make your followers follow your commandments/edicts/regulations, then do not impose/pressure/demand the government to implement them in your behalf.

please refrain from partaking in civil matters for the civil government does not partake from the donations in your alms boxes.

you say not to vote for candidates supporting the RH bill?

i say, if you are losing your power among your members, please do not use the power of the government, for you are not the only religion the nation is allowing in its shores.

people are dying. children are starving. this is not the time for bullying.

shut up and do your part.


2 Responses to “an open letter to those dressed in white”

  1. hastydevil Says:


  2. i commend you for doing such BOLD/COURAGEOUS blog…..

    i was dubmfounded reading this!!!1

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