a liitle over a year and im leaving. imagine that. no more discussions about the different types of pain and what differentiates them from each other. no more charts about erectile dysfunction. no more data tables on wound care. outside, the sky is quite dark for a season of el nino. things are not what they are supposed to be. only the clutter of post-its on my desk and the eternally freezing temperature in the office remain constant. an anchor to the fast changing times. by 530pm i will be leaving the office. by 9am the next day i will be on my desk again. another anchor. my unchanging life. but not anymore. soon i will be leaving. i will be transferring to another company to do charts about coffee, data tables about milk, and maybe discussions about ice cream flavors. a new desk with new post-its. yey.


2 Responses to “change”

  1. hastydevil Says:

    good luck with your new job.

  2. di man lang naprint ang drowing mong kape. boo!

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