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Posted in marwinisms on February 1, 2010 by armedlittleboy

These past few weeks I kept catching myself wishing upon stars. Craning my neck, I look up and utter the same wish again and again, night after night. It’s becoming a habit. I do not want to lose you. And I am doing everything I can for you not to leave me, even if it means that I have to believe in the power of the stars.

Sometimes I am lucky, when there is just a single star and I can utter that phrase that kids know by heart and really believe that my wish will come true. But most of the time an irritatingly multitude of them is splattered across the night and I have to do some cheating, pretending that all I see is a single star, I fix my gaze upon it and utter my wish brazenly, ignoring the fact that the only one I’m fooling is myself.

So sue me. I don’t care. I just want to have you by my side forever, that is all that matter. People die for far more trivial things. And what we have is not trivial. It’s far from trivial. It’s our future. And if it means that I have to conjure every magical belief to sustain what we have, then I will. I will blow that birthday candle, I will hold my breathe every time I cross a new bridge, I will complete the Simbang gabi, I will search for the four-leaf clover, and of course, I will continue barraging the stars until the light they are emitting at this very moment, a million of light years away, will finally fall upon us and on our hands that are tightly entwined together.