note to self

change dentist


don’t attend any high school reunions

its quite disturbing seeing your dentist (and former classmate) outside the clinic

i feel he is visualizing how many filled teeth i have and the tartar he has extracted from my mouth as we reminisce our high school days.



3 Responses to “note to self”

  1. hey…

    seeing this. (again, after so long– your blog I mean) makes me happy.

    i finally see everything for what it is.

    for humor. for putting dog ears on the pages of your life that you want to go back to.

    i see you, and i no longer look at the future.

    thanks for still being around… lurking.

    happy holidays. 🙂

  2. armedlittleboy Says:

    you just have to steal the writing spotlight huh?

    and on my blog pa!

    tsk tsk

  3. hoy… you did it first!

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