the year that was

2009 had been utterly kind to me in ways that i never thought possible.

let me say my thanks to the universe (oha) in showering me with these unexpected blessings:

– thank you for the job where i learned a lot of new things about research and about me. i appreciate how the company understood my limitations and potentials and how it patiently and painstakingly encouraged and trained me in the different areas of my field.

– thank you for the friends who are always there (even though i may sometimes be missing in action) to share laughters, idle time, and dreams with over and over again

– thank you for shine (my dog), who is always ready to wag her tails and offer her butt for spanking whenever i am need of some affection

– thanks mom, you know why

– thank you krista ranillo, hayden kho, and gloria arroyo for making life a little bit more interesting and my life look a lot more perfect

– thank you bpi for the jollibee promo, i was really  able to save a lot for meals by spending a lot for other things i don’t normally need  (hhhmmm)

– thank you UP for the extensions for MRR students

– and thank you elmoo for making me realize the reaon why i love sunflowers, thai food, yellows, double-decked beds, sitting in a park at night, ongpin, takuyakis, and many more other things is because i get to share it with you

thanks a bunch guys!!!


2 Responses to “the year that was”

  1. John Ryan Recabar Says:

    great blogging year ahead. congratulations to you for having achieved those.

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