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with a quarter of the water left, i put the sunflower in the mineral water bottle and placed it by my bedside. i lay on the bed and stared at it, willing for it to talk. the wind kept chasing my memories through the open windows. what is it that makes us hold on, refusing to let go? as i dive deeper into the yellowness of the flower’s petals, i understood how it is to be a sunflower that is always chasing the sun. the pure yellowness makes it all worth it.


note to self

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change dentist


don’t attend any high school reunions

its quite disturbing seeing your dentist (and former classmate) outside the clinic

i feel he is visualizing how many filled teeth i have and the tartar he has extracted from my mouth as we reminisce our high school days.


i could forget my saddest days tonight

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i could forget my saddest days tonight

forget for example, those starless nights
of being alone while the moon shatters in the distance

and the wind blows mercilessly against the empty space beside me.

i could forget my saddest days tonight.
i love you, and will forever be loving you.

through days like this one i hold us in my mind,
i dream again and again of us forever holding hands.

you will love me for all time, and i will love you too,
how can we not love the beginning of a smile.

tonight i can forget my saddest days.
to think that we have each other. to feel that we are together.

to savor the warm day, getting much brighter when we are together.
and the verse falls to the soul like dew to the pasture.

what does it matter that the days would have endings.
the night is over and there would still be you and me.

this is all. in the distance someone is singing. in the distance.
my soul is all smiles that we have found forever.

my sight has long envisioned the future that we have together.
my heart has been seeking and now it has fulfilled its wish.

the same day nourishing the same trees.
we, of this time, will always remain the same.

i will always love you, and i will forever be loving you.
my voice tried to express the depths of my feelings.

with me. you will always be with me. like our kisses before.
your voice. your smile. your soulful eyes.

i will always love you, that is certain. and how i will love you.
life is short. our love will be long.

because through days like this one im holding you in my arms
my soul is satisfied that we are together.

though the days will end one after another
these will not be the last verses that we will write together.

the year that was

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2009 had been utterly kind to me in ways that i never thought possible.

let me say my thanks to the universe (oha) in showering me with these unexpected blessings:

– thank you for the job where i learned a lot of new things about research and about me. i appreciate how the company understood my limitations and potentials and how it patiently and painstakingly encouraged and trained me in the different areas of my field.

– thank you for the friends who are always there (even though i may sometimes be missing in action) to share laughters, idle time, and dreams with over and over again

– thank you for shine (my dog), who is always ready to wag her tails and offer her butt for spanking whenever i am need of some affection

– thanks mom, you know why

– thank you krista ranillo, hayden kho, and gloria arroyo for making life a little bit more interesting and my life look a lot more perfect

– thank you bpi for the jollibee promo, i was really¬† able to save a lot for meals by spending a lot for other things i don’t normally need¬† (hhhmmm)

– thank you UP for the extensions for MRR students

– and thank you elmoo for making me realize the reaon why i love sunflowers, thai food, yellows, double-decked beds, sitting in a park at night, ongpin, takuyakis, and many more other things is because i get to share it with you

thanks a bunch guys!!!

happy new year!!!

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happy new year!!!

let us usher the last year of the first decade with a bang!!!

bring out the fireworks!!!

make a lot of noise!!!

and go back to our old life after

that’s the new year for most of us

a day-long celebration of partying, good food, and joyous noises

to be capped off by a year-long immersion of what we whined and complained about in the past year.

happy new year!!!

welcome to 12 more months of possibly the same things of the last 12 months

savor life as intervals of paying bills and meeting deadlines,

of being stuck in traffic,

of those few lucid moments of dreaming (and even planning) for a better existence.

happy new year to all of us!!!