that condom manufacturer sure knows what is important in any relationship (naked or otherwise),


who would enjoy sex when worries of pregnancy, stds, or the likes are screaming in your head?

you need to trust that accidents would not happen. that potential infections are kept at bay.

that one’s dick is safely cocooned in protective rubber.

its trusting that nothing will happen except bliss. pure bliss.

its really about trust. whether in bed or in love.

after all, is it even possible to love a person you do not trust?

is it even possible to lose yourself over someone when fears and doubts are tugging at you all night?

is it even possible to be happy with another person when thoughts of betrayal, cheating, and lies distract?

gandhi said that love is the prerogative of the brave,

and i believe him.

it takes great courage to jump off that cliff and trust that your love will be waiting to catch you as you fall down.

only the brave can trust despite past experiences that hurt, wounded, and disillusioned them.

only the brave can expose themselves again and again to possible pain amidst the numerous scars that they have earned.

only the brave can say ‘yes, i love you and i will always love you even if love has not been good to me in the past’

only the brave can love.


3 Responses to “trust”

  1. are you brave?

  2. bravery or cowardice has nothing to do with using condoms. not using them, to borrow Bruno’s (sacha baron cohen) words is soooooooooooo third world.

  3. armedlittleboy Says:


    im not actually connecting condom use with bravery or cowardice.

    its actually more about trusting the manufacturer of the condom that it is making good quality condoms that would not break.

    yes i am brave.

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