roller coaster

i love roller coasters. sometimes.

it gives a thrill like no other ride can give. its ups. its downs. its 360 turns.the corkscrews.

it makes me scream. it makes me laugh. it makes my heart pound.

its exhilirating.

but i can only take several seconds of it. barely more than a minute.

then i want to get off.

i cant spend my whole life in a roller coaster.

its not conducive for holding  hands. for hugging. for making plans about the future, together.

all i can do is scream. and anticipate the next turn.

excitement after excitement after excitement. on the same tracks. over and over again.

remember the pond with big pedal boats in the shape of a swan?

it has pedals for two people to be used to navigate the swan.

i have never ridden on a swan.

it seems boring. tiring. pointless.

but come to think of it, it goes somewhere at least.

still within the pond yes, but still somewhere.

and one has all the time (while pedaling) to hold hands. to hug.

to look in eyes that hope for more.


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