the five best pinoy bands of all time

(warning: highly subjective. violent reactions are not allowed)

1. Aegis- if music is the expression of the soul, then Aegis is highly articulate and eloquent in voicing out the soul’s anguish. Feel the pain as you listen to ‘Luha’ and sing ‘Halik’ while letting go of a past love. With their heart-piercing melodies and their soul-baring vocals, the songs of Aegis pierce one’s heart and make one realize that love, with all the joys and pains it harbors, is experienced and suffered by all. Moreoever, singing these songs out loud is the most recommended way of appreciating them. The pain is best felt by singing it at the top of your voice, tonsils visible, veins protesting.

This is the true measure of a song: when it makes you want to sing it.

2. Eraserheads- of course it would be on the list. They practically started the rebirth of the band during the 90’s when all we have on the radio are mushy love songs (note: Aegis is not mushy). They were able to toe the line of hip, masa, cool, sensible music without falling into the senseless, trying hard to be unique, almost cool but not quite, too masa line that some bands have fallen into (read: Parokya). Their sound is so unique and their messages so diverse that practically everyone became a fan. Years after they have disbanded, they remain relevant and appealing. Beat that.

3. Pinikpikan- well this is not a band in what to most is a ‘band’. But their good. And their unconvential. Their music is a welcome break from the usual pop songs polluting the radio. They offer us melodies and beats that are usually untouched by mainstream bands without sounding archaic and passe. And with their ‘Sarung Banggi’ song, they are the only band to ever make me listen to a song without me understanding the lyrics. That’s how good their melodies are.

4. Yano- who could sing about society’s ills without being preachy? Yano. From migration to failed movements, from hypocrisy to struggle against poverty, Yano was able to succesfully penetrate popular music without abandoning their commentaries on society. With catchy tunes and in your face lyrics (lyrics not about love), Yano remains to be one of the most original bands to ever come out of the woodwork.

5. Up dharma down- probably one of the most sophisticated band to ever make an appearance in the music charts, Up dharma down steps up the quality of band music by serving songs that are musically more complex and a whole lot different from the usual band fares currently being dished out. After breaking out with their single ‘Oo’, the band now needs to further push their music into the mainstream to be able to improve the quality of airplay music.


4 Responses to “the five best pinoy bands of all time”

  1. Koji A. Iizuka Says:

    hey, i’m on wordpress now! 🙂

    by the way, i agree with what you said about the eraserheads.

  2. innocent bystander Says:

    go for up dharma down…

    dar i hate you

  3. Up Dharma Down? Seriously?

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