si susan boyle

susan boyle is the current toast of the talent show ‘Britain’s got talent’

the ordinary looking 47 year old woman from a ‘collection of villages’ in a certain area of Britain wowed the audience of the talent show with her near-amazing performance of ‘I dreamed a dream’ from the Les Miserables

but what makes her story stand out (and resulted to a 40 million plus hits in You tube) is how the people in the show ridiculed and disbelieved her while she was being interviewed by the judges. no one thought she was as good as she turned out to be. no one perceived a shred of talent in her. no one believed her.

and they were all wrong.

she sang. she awed. she shone.

she was everything they never thought she was.

we all encounter a susan boyle in our lives. someone we never thought could bring us so much awe and inspiration. someone unassuming. unremarkable. ordinary.

most of us dismiss a susan boyle outright. automatically turning our backs on them like an unappetizing buffet. immediately tuning off and wandering away.

only a few, a very few, choose to stay and give a susan boyle the chance to showcase what she can offer. only a few gets to be awed, inspired, and lifted up beyond their expectations.

these few are usually those who are colorblind to the grays of a person’s hair, whose eyesights are poor when it comes to the wrinkles of the face, and whose visions refuse to settle on the beauty of the body.

they chose to listen. and in listening, they see. they see the grace, they see the beauty, they see the happiness beyond the ordinary.

where is my susan boyle?


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