weird scenes in pinoy movies

(please correct inaccurate information)

1. the killing ref (shake, rattle, and roll 1)

– if there is any equivalent of Einstein’s theory of relativity in cinema, this would be it. a refrigerator that kills, falls in love, and seduces all done in a credible and scary way by ishmael bernal. what more can you ask for? in a genre of aswang, multo, mangkukulam, and the likes who would have thought of using a ref ( i think it was a general electric ref) in a horror movie? but aside from fear, the ref, unbelievably was able to portray sensuality in its seduction scene with janice de belen! can you believe it? this must be a first in world cinema, a sex scene between a ref and a woman done in an effective and oh so sexy manner. 5 stars!!!

2.’there’s a place for us’ singing scene while eating gay meat (temptation island)

– the premis is that food that no one likes to eat will be eaten easily if one is singing. weird. but to make it weirder, the song has to be ‘there’s a place for us’ (whatever the title is). now let me just ask, how can it be easier to eat a fellow person while singing? wouldnt it be harder to chew while singing? i tried to eat while singing just to prove it and i was right, it was almost impossible to sing and eat at the same time when singing ‘there’s a place for us’ (its easier though when i sang ‘stop right now’ by the spice girls). weird.

3. roderick paulate as engkanto

– i saw him as petra. i saw him as a mountain native. i saw him as a goon/gay twins. but come on, as an engkanto? in a serious movie? all i could think of while watching him carefully pronounce every line of his dialogue lest a gay twang escape, is that scene of his in another movie when he delivered the line ‘isang box galing japan’ while applying lipstick on his lips.

4. plane giving flyers in temptation island

– ok. the whole film is weird. but fun. super fun. its just that why would a beauty pageant advertise for contestants by dropping flyers from a plane? why? i know its camp, but still. why?

5. maui taylor’s boobs in gamitan

– the scene: wendel ramos making love to maui taylor. both of them are standing. wendell is at the back of maui. maui is topless. maui is leaning against a transparent glass while wendell is pressing at her back. maui presses her boobs against the glass. and viola! the boobs transformed into a toilet bowl plunger.Β  as in. where there is supposed to be flesh, there is uhm an orb like something in her boobs. weird. its actually fun watching it on dvd. rewind-forward it repeatedly and youll be amazed at the sudden transformation. very good special effects you got there maui!

6. big fish on the face slapping scene (mara clara)

– can there be a more ground breaking sampalan scene than the confrontation of mara and clara during a party? what makes this scene as the scene to beat (yes this is even better than cherie gil’s ‘youre nothing but a copycat’ wapak) is the sheer genius of using a fish rather than the usual palm for slapping. imagine mara getting the fish (i think its sweet and sour lapu-lapu) from the table and wapaking it across clara’s face. now thats entertainment.

7. devirginization scene in Kahapon may 2 bata

– imagine Jennifer Sevilla, in a dire attempt to devirginize herself lest she be sacrificed or something by her townsfolk, inserting a long neck bottle in her vagina. now, why would she do that when a penis is warmer and im guessing more comfortable? heck, a finger would even be an improvement to that cold bottle. sheeesshh. women.

8. Nora Aunor as Super Gee in Super Gee

– Ok admit it, we all have images in our minds what a superhero should like, and sadly it does not fit the great La Aunor. For the entire movie, one wonders if its Super Gee or Super Mouse one is seeing onscreen. Her all black outfit does not help her one bit in trying to look like a superhero. It just makes her look like a bibo mouse who is ready to fight the bad guys. Go mouse go!!!

9. Ghost girl coming from a window ala the Ring in Sukob

– This is not just weird. It is outright funny. I understand why in the movie Ringu, Sadako came out of the TV (the whole movie is about a videotape which you watch through a tv. gets?) but why would this ghost girl choose to come out of a window? Is there something supernaturally frightening in entering a house through a window? Come on. Chito Rono should have borrowed Janice de Belen’s ref and let the ghost girl use it. now that scary.

10. Happy ending scene in One More Chance

– I looooove this movie. Except the ending. Its a downright downer. Why would I want to see a happy ending for a sad movie? The movie was able to disillusion me on a lasting love while bringing back old pains in the entire 90 minutes (or so) of its run only to turn its back with its tail between the legs and flop a happy ending on my lap. geeezzz. Why oh why did they do that? And oh, to make matters worse, the final scene looks like a Lovingly Yours episode cut and pasted in an almost great movie. hayz.


6 Responses to “weird scenes in pinoy movies”

  1. curioser Says:

    I’m surprised, walang manilyn entry? Tsk. How about hospitals as the best place to perform voodoo rites? πŸ˜€ and yes, panalo ang wapak fish slap. yebah!

    • armedlittleboy Says:

      manilyn shall not in any way be associated with the word “weird”!!!!

      how dare you!!!

      si vic sotto pwede pa


  2. curioser Says:

    vic sotto kaya icon na. eh si mane, fad lang. hahaha πŸ˜€

  3. curioser Says:

    manilyn’s the best! sana sila na lang nagkatuluyan ni janno gibbs. gimme shake, rattle and roll πŸ˜€ andon pa naman si aiza crush.

  4. you should just do a top 10 weird scenes in temptation island.
    the giant chicken and ice cream plus electric fans?
    the pagulong gulong scene by alfie anido when dina palo him?
    the organizer of the pageant awarding on the stage and then on the next scene she’s sitting in the audience and then on the next scene awarding on the stage pa rin? astig. hahaha
    dancing just to forget that they are hungry? “oh what a night.. oh what a lovely lovely night.. ”

    i love that movie.

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