1. never buy groceries when you are hungry.

hunger fills your cart

from cookies to cold cuts

from shampoos to tissue papers

from instant coffee to sauces, dips, marinades, and condiments.

wheeling into the cashier,

your cart wobbles from the weight of things

you want but do not need

and as each price registers on the machine

feelings of futility creeps in,

you know you will be back

for the things you want but do not need.

2. if you want the best product at the best price, haggle.

everything of worth requires effort

one needs to persevere to witness the marvel

of prices stumbling in front of your very eyes,

and as you go home with the spoils of war

you find yourself buoyed by the conquest

of being able to have found and fought for something

worth keeping.

3. when you buy something, use it.

dust tends to corrode even the strongest metal

and  induces impotence among plastics,

it causes objects to be obsolete

making one wonders on the purpose of its purchase

soon, too soon for comfort

one finds oneself ignoring the object into extinction

a source of joy once

a waste of space after.


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