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Posted in Uncategorized on February 15, 2009 by armedlittleboy

have you had one of those days when you just feel down and blue?

when your spirit seems to be at free fall

with the future is just a vast desert of depression,

and you dont know why?

im having one now.

im blue.

im sad.

im so ready to shed tears.

the problem is that i could not just cry without any reason to

so im raking my mind for possible reasons for my sadness.

but i could not come up with one.

im just sad, that’s all.

i wish it was raining right now

so i would have the full effect

i would sit by the window

look at the rain

and savor the sadness of the world.


sadness is such a joy.

its almost addicting.


my mom is harsh

Posted in mom on February 8, 2009 by armedlittleboy

(me on a low carb diet)

me: din ko kakain ng kanin

mom: bakit?

me: diet ako

mom: eh bakit artista ka ba? kahit kelan di ka magiging artista

me: basta ayaw ko nga kumain ng kanin

mom: napaka-arte mo talaga. you are very maarte.

me: english?