they always have a problem with it

those who have held hands with me

whenever i say that everything ends

including our hand holding

they would always have this stony expression

that makes the fear in their eyes stand out

and their voices quiver as they say ‘you wont even exert an effort to make it lasts?’

that’s when i know they did not understand

the truth

everything ends.

we commit, yes, for love,

to the here and now,

to our waking hour,

and the passing minutes.

but not to the future,

not to tomorrow,

not even to the next movement of the hands of the clock.

it will be an exercise in futility.

to promise that  we will be here

in love.

i think,

commitments should not be about staying in love

but about exerting an effort to stay in love

to be with each other

until the very last ember dies out,

and then to go our separate ways.


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  1. divisoria Says:


    welcome to makati!

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