ask yourself.

what do you really want to do with your life?

what do you want to be, back when you still dont have bills to pay, list of things to buy, or grandiose plans of vacationing in grandiose places?

what do you want to do in those days where your life revolves around cartoons, midday naps, and coloring books?


i want to be a teacher. or a writer. or a lonely planet host. or a film director.

but i ended up in marketing research.

isnt it ironic that the small things have the power to determine the path our lives would take?

it just so happened that im looking for a job. i applied. i got accepted. and the rest of my life has been drawn.

just like that.

a dry leaf floating with the current.

routine is more addicting than morphine.

why is it so hard to step out of the line we have drawn?

learning to color inside the lines does not mean we cant color outside it anymore does it?

i am babbling.

words are the only things that can roam freely in my world.

armed with a number of years of research experience. i looked for a new job.

lo and behold, doors in research opened for me. while the lonely planet job remained shut. locked. sealed.

thousands of people, no millions, are trapped in jobs they dont want to do, lives they dont want to wake up to in the morning just because that’s what they have been used to.

we have drawn the boundaries ourselves.

getting out is as easy as stepping over the line. but the idea of leaving will never occur to most of us.

the bills.

the list of things to buy.

the distractions are endless.

one moment youre living. the next moment youre not.


3 Responses to “boundaries”

  1. i still believe you can be a great teacher (and writer) d. i hope you decide to go down that path someday. =)

  2. armedlittleboy Says:

    uhm fatty

    how about that lonely planet job?

  3. 1sheep2sheep Says:

    hmm…ako muna dun. tapos i-re-recommend kita 😛

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