day 1: slight fever. thought it would be over the next day. quite optimistic. here comes the sun.

day 2: fever climbing. throat starts to hurt. mom called all the ent in town. each one of them is having a day off. went to my doctor-cousin. she’s a pediatrician. amidst sick crying kids she prescribed an antibiotic.

day 3: still has fever. throat hurts. karla forced me to go to the office. the world is spinning. went home. still sick

day 4: throat is getting more and more painful. fever is climbing

day 6: is the antibiotic a placebo? its not working. seems my mind is not the master of my body. went to an ent. prescribed another type of antibiotic.

day 8: fever gone. throat does not hurt anymore. the sun is here.

day 9: went to the movies. bought a cold mineral water. waited for it to get lukewarm. took a sip to test if its not cold anymore. it is still cold. uh oh.

day 10: fever returns.

day 11: throat hurts once again.

day 12: fever. the pain is too much. could not swallow. could not even drink. attempts at drinking causes water to course through my nasal passage and exits from both nostrils. why lord?

day 13: fever. pain is spreading to the jaws. trouble opening mouth. went to ent again. prescribed additional meds. told me if mouth can no longer be opened then have to rush to the hospital.

day 14: fever. experienced sleep apnea. throat constricting and air could not pass through while sleeping. wakes up breathless and heart screaming for air. geeeezzz

day 15: fever gone. throat still hurts. could still not swallow solid food.

day 16: yep the pain is still there.

day 17: could now open mouth. stick tongue out. pain has subsided.

day 18: can talk. but voice still weak. throat feels like its going to give any minute.

day 19: getting there.

day 20: learned lesson very well. really.


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