up yours u.p.

so i was back in UP these past 3 days to enroll for the last units i need to take to graduate

i was absent without leave for the past year so i know need to fill-up some forms and have it signed by some people before i could finally register

i have braced myself for a troublesome enrollment

but lo and behold

its more devastating than i imagined it would be

up yours u.p.

they wouldnt grant me admission because i have reached my maximum residency

so what? i love the school so much i want to stay there forever

(thats another form to fill-up and have to be signed)

the people who are supposed to sign the forms are in ‘meetings’

more like long lunches (yes, im referring to you dean)

and as i trekked the long road towards the registrar’s office, i found they transferred buildings already

thanks for the exercise

oh, and speaking of the registrar, how about putting signs on the steps and forms that need to be done in order to avail of an admission slip

how the hell would i know that i need to fill-up a directory form when there’s no sign that tells me to?!!!!

and to you, grouchy registrar girl, you’ll forever remain in a registrar’s office without being the registrar. i’ll bet you on that.

and uhm to my adviser who seems to be in hiding, uhm i asked another professor to sign my forms in behalf of you and uhm i told him you have given me the permission already to enroll in the subject im enlisting when you havent really. hope you’ll understand. im just trying to get back at UP  🙂


One Response to “up yours u.p.”

  1. Erick Sanohan Says:

    lolz i miss UP !

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