ten questions i really, really want to know the answers to

1. why do dreams seem more possible and easier to attain at night?

2. What is Cubao? Quaipo? Malate? Sampaloc? They’re not baranggays but theyre not congressional districts either. so what the hell are they?

3. does my dog feel any pleasure whenever i play with her numerous nipples with my fingers (e.g. rolling it between my fingers, squeezing it, stroking it)?

4. why do flying cockroaches always land on me? better yet, why can they even fly?

5. where can i get a pillow that will hug me back?

6. Is it really love which is complicated? Or is it the need to commit for love?

7. why does it take my cat 2 to 3 seconds, after i drop some heated cooking on oil on its back, to shriek?

8. Am I healthy?

9. What food does Grimace represents in McDonalds’ menu?

10. why does windows vista even exists??? gggrrr


3 Responses to “ten questions i really, really want to know the answers to”

  1. Erick Sanohan Says:

    Gosh i would love to discuss them with you over a cuppa lolz…

  2. armedlittleboy Says:

    heya zweet!!!

    buti at nabisita ka


  3. Erick Sanohan Says:

    oo naman ikaw pa!

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