iisa pa lamang

I admit it. i have been bitten by the Iisa pa lamang bug. try as i might, i just could not resist those campy lines.

for those in the dark, Iisa pa lamang is a drama series in ABS CBN starring Claudine, Gabby, and Diether. Also includes Cherry Pie Picache and Angelica Panganiban.

Here are the best campy lines from the most funny drama series ever:

1. Cherry Pie to Susan Roces: Bakit mo pinamimigay ang Amadesto (the name of the contested hacienda)? Gusto mo bang palitan si Rosa Rosal? Ano ka NGO?

2. Swimming pool scene where claudine is in a two-piece and wearing at least a kilo of diamonds

Angelica: Mag sswimming ka na nga lang naka-diamonds ka pa

Claudine: Syempre, diamonds are forever, like me!

3. Caludine coming home and seeing Cherry Pie in her living room

Claudine: Anong ginagawa mo dito? Pagod ako. Huwag kang loloko-loko. Baka gusto mo hampasin kita nitong bag kong mas mahal pa sa’yo

4. Angelica confronting Claudine

Angelica: …. Pareho na tayong nasasadlak ngayon. damn you. damn me. Karma’s a bitch, and so are we

Follow-up line. ibang scene. diether and angelica

Diether: bakit ba ang hilig-hilig mong sabihin na karma’s a bitch? ayan na out-bitch ka na, na out-karma ka pa

5. Cherry Pie and Susan Roces arguing once again

Cherry Pie: dumi ka lang sa paningin ko Aura (susan’s name)

Susan: tandaan mo isadora, ang duming ito ang pupuwing syo

Cherry Pie: eh di magshshades ako

6. Cherry Pie when her money is running out leaving her in poverty

Cherry Pie: My god, ganito pala ang feeling ng hampas lupa. kakaloka

7. Scene where the househelp of Cherry Pie is leaving her

Cherry Pie: Ano na namang gimik to ha?

Manang: Mam, aalis na rin po ako dito… ilang buwan na ding hindi niyo po ako sinesweldohan eh

Cherry Pie: Aba! ang kapal ng mukha mo, wala kang utang na loob.. ha? so pano? pera-pera nalang, hindi mo ba naisip na kinuha kita galing sa bundok, binihisan at nakatikim ng CORNED BEEF dahil sa akin

8. Claudine and Angelica scene. Claudine is going out on a date with Diether, Angelica’s ex-husband

Claudine: how do i look (with matching smirk)?

Angelica: you look like a dirty whore who’s about to do her job

9. Claudine and Angelica again

Claudine: single and gorgeous naman ako at anulled and fabulous naman si Miguel

10. Cherry pie when she pushed Susan Roces making Susan fall down the steps. Susan unconscious and bleeding.

Cherry Pie: Aura? Aura! hoy wag mo nga kong artehan dyan, di naman ganun kataas ang hagdan mo ah


7 Responses to “iisa pa lamang”

  1. oo nga…

    grabe ang pagkacomedy nitong soap na ito… tipong drama ba ito…

    i can’t call it witty… pero yung mga linya nila eh out of this word…

    which is a good thing as it is same old same old soap opera plot… the difference is yung mga one liner nila, kwela…


  2. Nyehehehe. I also like those catchy exchanges. But I still can’t help but squirm in my seat when they mangle the application of the law in the storyline. Can’t ABS-CBN not even consult a lawyer to ensure that they do not mislead the public?

  3. South Park Says:

    I’m hooked with this. Not that I am a fan, it is reminiscent of the Danny Zialcita films of the late 70s, early 80s.

    The catchy script amuses me…well at least the bitchy ones. But i agree with r-yo. They really do twists with the law for “SOAP” sake.

  4. Hindi ako makahinga sa katatawa. Nabaliw din ako nang mapanood minsan ang isang episode ng soap na ito. Mabuhay ang camp!

  5. Bago ako pumasok, see to it na nood muna ako neto. he he he. Kakaiinggit nga si Katherin/kate. Lapit na siyang magka happy ever after na buhay.

  6. The dialogue. So very gay! It seems the shows writers know what they are doing. Its campy and exaggerated to us, but the masses who watch these shows will not look at it that way. They probably will not get why we are laughing.

  7. i’m also a follower. eto panalo:

    (during the election of the new company president, contest between angelica and claudine)

    angelica: may the best bitch win!

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