do not go gentle into that good night

a friend died yesterday.

he was 24 years old.

he had a seizure in Palawan.

i knew young people die everyday. i just didn’t realize young people die everyday.

i dont know why but this death seems to be harder to digest.

maybe because he is so young. and so unexpected.

my previous encounters with death have been mostly with those who have already prepared for the last flight home.

it seems it is much harder to let go if there is so little to let go of.

one tends to ration the limited memories we have shared. chewing on it and hoping it won’t loose its taste.

i do this. we do this. trying to hold on. trying to relive the moments

because we know, that when a person leaves, when he left, a part of me, of us, was taken too, was changed.

for ‘death does not just take someone,

it misses someone else,

and in the small distance between being taken and being missed,

lives are changed’


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