When I leave, sing no sad songs for me;

Just hum a couple of notes

From a long forgotten love song

Then stop.

Go to a convenience store,

Buy a beer

And toast our parting amidst tortilla chips

And tempura crackers.

After, crunch the can with the heel of your shoe

And exit without ceremony,

Don’t slam the car door

A thud will do for my leaving.

As you step into your place

Don’t turn on an extra light

But don’t stay in the dark

Only tragedies require a significant change in lighting.

Climb into your bed

And don’t wet the sheets with tears

No one will be there tomorrow to wash it.

Close your eyes to dream

For the world is better seen in shut lids,

As you drift to sleep

Don’t try to forget,

There is nothing worthwhile to be forgotten.


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