what do you with a BA in English?

good question. from avenue Q.

its like asking, what do you with a BA in creative writing?

or with a fur coat in Manila?

or xray vision in a nudist beach?

or a sunblock in a night swimming?

or you in my life?

nice things to have. but are they of any use?

its like having an authentic samurai sword. you can display it, stare at it, brag about it. but you cannot use it (unless you wanna spill blood. too much mess).

dust magnets in life.

no one really knows why one pursues them, collects them, keeps them. they’re just there.


but unlike wine, they dont get better with age. they just age. nothing more.

its a curious thing. like stamp collecting. why collect stamp when you wont be using them?

somehow i feel its a grave sin against their being. their essence.

its as if we are depriving them of fulfilling their purpose.

keeping them in your life. without any use.

maybe. just maybe. if we give those things (like the creative writing degree, the stamps, you) to somebody else, they wont be as useless as they are right now.

that xray vision would be a great help in airports.

that sword would speed up operations in a butcher shop.

you may just be the resuscitation needed by another heart.

but somehow. we dont. we just could not make ourselves let go.

we just let those things gather dust in our lives.

because we know. secretly.

that even if we give them away. their imprints would stay.

distinct from the dust. clean.

still there.

useless. but still there.


3 Responses to “what do you with a BA in English?”

  1. John Ryan Recabar Says:

    this is good. well written.

  2. Erick Sanohan Says:

    Gosh…. i’m falling for you na…… lolz galing! i remember that line when i first heard it in Avenue Q when i saw it in West End! napaisp ako kasi i also have an BA English Degree …

  3. armedlittleboy Says:

    sosyal mo talaga

    west end ka pa watch play

    ako sa ccp lang


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