my mom is weird

the list my mom made of things she will buy in her 2 month vacation abroad (took a peek when she was not looking):

– running shoes (thats for me)

– sneakers (thats for me again)

– shirts (yep thats mine)

– jeans (who else? mine of course)

– coffee

– bag

– eyeliner

– juicer (hhmmm)

– pampatay ng insekto (her actual words)

– gripo (wtf??!!)


3 Responses to “my mom is weird”

  1. 1sheep2sheep Says:

    ang cute talaga ng mommy mo d! 🙂 i’m back i’m back! may internet na ulit, wee! 🙂

  2. innocent bystander Says:

    winner si mommy

    soshal ng gripo niyo

  3. uber love ka ng nanay mo..

    sana exchange moms tau..

    weeeeh.. mukhng mgeenjoy ako.. ^___^

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