the art of wine drinking (or how to drink wine when you dont know how to drink wine)


a deep breath will help.

pretend you’re a connoisseur, don’t show excitement nor apprehension nor fear.

appreciate first the wine glass, its graceful ascension from the base to the tip of the rim (which will soon commune with your lips)

witness as the wine is poured, listen to its melodic sound and marvel at the purity of its color. never again will it look and sound as magical as the first time you witness its baring.

let it settle. let it breathe. let it relax and give it time to revert back to what it is really is.

then hold the stem of the glass and swirl the wine inside it.

make it feel that you are in control. at least for now.

then take a sip.

just a sip. you dont want to look desperate nor parched.

roll that within your mouth and feel the flavor and aroma invading your body.

remember, only take sips. prolong the art of surrender, the highlight of its invasion.

at the moment of letting go, let go. fully. feel your head whirl, your heart jump, your senses lost amidst the joyous tones of intoxication.

be one with the wine. celebrate the peak of oneness. in a few hours, tomorrow, or maybe days after you would reminisce about this.

sip as much as you can. but realize, that for every sip you take, you expose yourself to pains and aches you never imagine possible.

the day after you will wake up pretty much where you started. alone.

do not ever blame the wine. it was your hands that raised the glass to your lips.

but dont let this hold you back. every sip is worth every pain.

and as proof, you will go back, again and again to the bottle, to feel what you have lost.

and as you go back. it will feel as if youre drinking it again for the first time.

expectant. hopeful. vulnerable.


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