my mom is evil (hehe)

(while watching TV with my mom. CAREGIVER trailer is being shown)

Me: Maganda ba yan?

Mom: Maganda naman

Me: Aok

Mom: Nagkahiwalay sila sa bandang huli

Me: Mommy di ko pa napapanood wag mo nang ikwento

Mom (with a smirk on her face): Bumalik si John Estrada sa Pilipinas tapos naiwan si Sharon tapos yung anak nila sumunod kay…..

(And she tells me she loves me…. go figure)


2 Responses to “my mom is evil (hehe)”

  1. hi.. im a newbie here.
    im dumb for that matter,
    sowi but my comment does not sound like one [a comment], anyway, ive read some of ur entries, and i was quite amazed by your ‘legible’ writing.
    can u give me some tips on how to make my blog more interesting?

  2. armedlittleboy Says:


    pabasa nga ng blog mo

    promote ka lang ata dto e


    joke yun

    anu na blog mo?

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