after the storm

so its all over

the whole month of studying culminated in a few hours of trying to know something

the proctor said we are the last batch to take the comprehensives (meaning: please dont fail because we dont want to administer the compre again this november)

the examination was from 9am to 5pm

no breaks

so i brought a liter of water and several bars of chocolate (my mom wants me to bring boiled eggs. ‘nay hindi sa pateros ang exam, sa up’)

i figure that if i cant answer the questions at least i would be anguishing in chocolate induced euphoria

i was the last of the examinees to arrive (there were 5 of us) and i forgot to bring a diskette. i asked if its okay to use a usb. the proctor said it should be a diskette. i said you can take my usb. she said it has to be a diskette. i said i didnt bring any diskette. she said i can get you one from the department. so she went out and left me thinking: diskettes are still in use today?

then i remember i was in UP. so it made sense.

so we started the exam (i wont be discussing the exam per se cause i dont want to cry and wet the keyboards of my laptop and have it repaired again)

we are not allowed to leave the room unless to go to the bathroom.

i went to the bathroom 8 times. the others went only once or twice.

they must have thought i have my notes stowed in one of the cubicles behind the toilet bowl.

i have a very small bladder. sorry.

so i started with the statistics part. then the history. then the methods.

at around 230pm one of the other examinees stood up and told the proctor she was finished.

the exam was from 9am to 5pm. what are you doing being finished at 230pm?

show off.

so i was panicking while her answers were being printed.

the printer was behind me.

i could hear as each page is being printed. i tried not to count how many pages she was printing and compare it to the pages i have filled up.

in a dire attempt to beat her number of pages, i changed my font size from 11 to 12 and the spaces to 1.5

i was that desperate.

so as 430 arrived my brain is starting to get moody. i scanned my answers because thats the only thing i can do by that time.

oh and i hurriedly finished a pack of M&Ms. at least i accomplished something, i told myself.

then i raised my hand and printed my answers.

5 minutes after stepping out of the examination room i realized i might have misunderstood the statistics question and gave a completely right but not the ‘right’ answer.

oh well.


3 Responses to “after the storm”

  1. curioser Says:

    wuy darwin 😀 nairita ako sa babaeng natapos agad, masyadong achiever. goodluck. mas mahal ka namin kesa sa statistics 😀

  2. armedlittleboy Says:

    why thank you. sooo achiever talaga


  3. forget it for a while muna. we love you, take care. 🙂

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