not so mid in life crisis

i have read somewhere that the midlife crisis that is supposedly to occur during one’s 40s is now happening at the much earlier age of 20s (off topic but somehow related: my niece experienced her menarch at the age of 8, can you believe that?)

this crisis is supposedly characterized by feelings of dissatisfaction, of life having no direction or purpose, feelings of emptiness, of running in full speed at the wrong direction.

its life viewed upside down, inside out and realizing its made up of cheap fake leather probably made in china and thus full of lead (huh? ano daw?)

some have theorized (actually they pondered lang but just to lend some seriousness in this entry) that the early onset of this crisis is probably due to the high demands and expectations that the modern society is imposing on everybody. the expectation of succeeding in life. of moving up in position, of earning more than most, of being able to buy things that would shout to the world one’s accomplishments and position at work.

and the need to do all of these as soon as possible. of being viewed as a young achiever. a go-getter.

thus after school. or even before finishing school, the race has already begun for most. the race for perfection. like hordes of starved lions set free amongst lambs. may the fittest win.

but after some time, one questions the purpose of the never-ending race. the need to run as fast as one can. gasping, sweating, but still running.

and a few realize that the race may not be worth the effort. the stress. the sleepless nights. the deadlines.

that there is no need to run.

that life can be a stroll in a park and not a race in a coliseum.

some call it a crisis.

i call it a realization.

life slapping us with the truth.

life awakening us earlier than we expect it to.

because maybe. just maybe. there really is no race to be won.


5 Responses to “not so mid in life crisis”

  1. 1sheep2sheep Says:

    i couldn’t agree more. we only live once (let’s hope we live long enough), why not do it on our own pace according to our own terms?:) you’re writing again, thanks for coming back lappy.:)

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  3. 1sheep2sheep Says:

    uy d! bakit may ganyan? why is my entry in your comment box?! how do i get rid of it?

  4. armedlittleboy Says:


    someone is trying to take over my blog by posting her entries here


  5. 1sheep2sheep Says:

    i am not! bakit ba kasi sumulpot yan diyan?! grr

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