x+y=F (huhu)

when x refuses to meet y

and squaring fails to turn the negatives into positives,

its time to panic.

when the summation is unable to summate

and the hypotheses demand to remain unproven,

why not try panic?

when all the letters in the greek alphabet has all been used up

and still the equation proves to be unintelligible,

better panic.


this is all the fault of freud.

he should have given more proof. presented more evidence.

after all, talking about the phallus is better and much easier than conjuring proofs for the formulas of behavior.

who ever said human behavior can be reduced to numbers and equations?

behaviorists should be jailed in the cages of their rats.

kaya nga ako nag psych e kse walang math. dapat. leche.


2 Responses to “x+y=F (huhu)”

  1. 1sheep2sheep Says:

    if i remind you to “don’t feel, just do” will it make sense and help?
    hmm…hindi siguro.
    eh pag “tara ice cream tayo nila karla sa podium!?”
    hmm…ano? game?:)

    go dee! you can do it!

  2. innocent bystander Says:


    asymptotes… how sad

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