i am a writer.

i am a writer.

i do not paint.

i cannot express my love in bold strokes and shouting colors that demand attention and awe .

it would not be displayed in big galleries for all people to admire and envy.

i am a writer.

i do not sing.

i cannot sing you my love in haunting melodies that pervade the air long after the last note has been played.

its lyrics would not be memorized by love-struck girls nor be used for serenades by ardent boys.

i am a writer.

write is all that i can do.

it is only with words that i can express my feelings towards you.

rather than bright colors or dancing melodies, all you would have are words written in plain paper.

you would probably read it alone. in your room.

you would unfold it with yourself and read it as if i am whispering every words in your ears.

and you will realize that love does not always come in varied colors and graceful tunes.

sometimes love is as simple as words written in paper.

to be folded and kept between the pages of an old and dusty book.

hidden from prying eyes and inquisitive ears.

a love that is not shouting nor proud.

but a love that is quite in its magnitude. deafening in its silence.

i am a writer.

this is all i could offer.

a love to be kept between pages.

a letter to be shared between hearts.


6 Responses to “i am a writer.”

  1. hey darwin, who do you write these emo stuff for? šŸ™‚

  2. hello. i like this entry. i can actually relate to what you’re saying. šŸ™‚ came across your blog through your profile

  3. 1sheep2sheep Says:

    kahit bully ka, mamimiss ka namin šŸ˜¦

  4. san ka na master?

  5. I read this somewhere a long time ago but I don’t remember where. I liked it so much that I saved a .txt copy of it. You wrote this? It’s so beautiful.

  6. armedlittleboy Says:

    wow thanks

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