I refuse to be measured by 9 to 5s

nor by the number of digits in my paycheck

i would not follow the directions written in peso, dollar, or any other currency.

my years would not be defined by quotas

and my months will not be remembered through projects.

my memories shall not be cluttered by the quality of my reports

and my pride will not be boosted by excellent presentations.

i will not look back and remember with a smile the endless powerpoint slides

nor the similarly endless notes that accompany them.

i will not be defined by my work.

i will not be measured by the things that i do not hold dear,

because rather than be measured,

i would live.


9 Responses to “measured”

  1. 1sheep2sheep Says:

    🙂 hindi halata pero sunshiny post to…thanks for the glimmer of hope this poem brings. 🙂

  2. Fight indeed against the dying of the light. For to live is the bigger adventure. Keep shining till it hurts. =P

  3. wait lang… devil’s advocate… what if the work that you do is something that reflects your core values? for example, poet ka or writer or ngo worker… pwede ka na bang i-measure non? :p

  4. hmmm napaisip ako sa question ni misty. siguro you choose the things you let yourself be measured in. like if it reflects you.

    “and my pride will not be boosted by excellent presentations.” -> kay ever lang naman yata nag-aaply ito

  5. armedlittleboy Says:

    di po ito poem

    its quite specific

    di bale misty, pag nagkaroon ako ng work sa ibang field il make another version, whether i wont be measured or i wana be measured, lets find out

  6. feb 12 is darwin day. will you treat us all ice cream? please?

  7. armedlittleboy Says:

    and why, pray tell me, is it darwin day?

  8. because charles darwin was born on feb 12. –

    so uninformed ha. so manlibre ka.

  9. napadpad lang ako dito.

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