Butterfly asleep

I hold the promise

of bright wings,

pixie dust,



consider the larva

that braves its own company

and surrenders its form

to the darkness. then,

is born into brilliant

sunlight. becomes it facet.

moves in the quarters of something

greater than itself.

the changelings who leave in droves

streak the sky in their wake

and disappear forever.

where do they go? my hope

or imagination

cannot tell me, the way

i won’t let them change me.

for i dont know

where beauty might emerge

in a body weighed down

by the inertia of its ugliness.

but they who watch me

plot transformation

where there is none. and point,

point at the areas where

i will sprout emerald antennae,

my pixie feet.

i brave their company,

surrender my form

to their hope. then,

i am born into brillian

warmth. and become,

before the eyes

of those who knew beauty

because they love,

not because they see.

– Melissa S. Salva


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