run, pant, run

Warning: space filler (hehe)

i love treadmills

its probably the most important invention by man next to the wheel and ice cream

all i have to do is get on it

push the start button

choose my speed

play my music

and away i run

for as long and as fast as i want to

its always best if i set it the speed at around 10kph

after a few minutes the world shrinks to just me, the threadmill, the music, and my panting breath

the meaning of life is reduced to putting one foot in front of another

no time to do anything else

no chance to think about deadlines, reports, or world peace

its just me and the treadmill

its a form of escape from a world that sometimes gets a bit pushy

and rather fight back

i rather run

run as fast as i could

and escape, even for just a while

to a world where the only question is how fast i want to run

where the only task assigned to me is to move my legs and pant

of course after all the effort i would still alight on where i started

after all the steps, i did not moved a single inch

but who cares?

there’s too much aimless movement in the world

that its quite refreshing to stay put

and pant.


6 Responses to “run, pant, run”

  1. innocent bystander Says:


  2. armedlittleboy Says:

    salamat don sa pagkorek sa spelling ko

    pero everything is relative

    at balang araw pwede na rin thread instead of tread

  3. innocent bystander Says:

    o ha…

  4. *supports innocent bystander*

  5. innocent bystander Says:

    go Jane!

  6. armedlittleboy Says:


    gang up one me why dont you

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