gifts, doubts, shirts

went christmas shopping today

its 8 days before christmas and i have not bought a single gift yet

this is maybe due to a confluence of factors

the first would be the lack of time

we have been slaving away in the office that i dont think anyone of us have started the gift giving process yet

then its also the lack of money

our expected manna from the capitalistic system has not materialized for this month (the only thing that came into being are big boobs from beautiful transvestites)

so there is some hesitation in spending especially if it means charging the goodies

then finally there is the uncertainty of what to give

this has been a problem of mine ever since

i tend to hold out till the last minute because i might come across something better for those i will give gifts to after i purchase

but anyway as i was saying i went christmas shopping today

i was determined to buy at least a single gift so i can make headway in my daunting list

i spent more than 3 hours going from one store to another

walking across 2 malls a number of times

mumbling to myself on which is the best option

which gift would be best appreciated

which would make the person i would give the gift to jump for joy upon opening the wrappings

3 conflicting and exhausting hours in deciding which gift to buy

until i finally decided to buy a couple of shirts for myself

i dont know how it happened

i just found myself exiting the store carrying my purchases

i went home without buying a single gift

except to myself

and i am not proud of that

but i of course could not be blamed

i mean its so hard to buy gifts for other people

there is this nagging uncertainty on what they will consider as a good gift for them

i so wanted to be giving and generous

and i was so primed and conditioned to do just that

but my doubts waylaid me

i want every gift i give to be perfect (who doesnt?)

but i am not sure just yet what the perfect gift is for each of the names on my list

so being in the mall feeling generous but doubtful

would predictably result to one thing

if i cant be generous to others because of my lingering doubts on what they would like

my generosity would then insist on finding other ways of release

so i became generous to myself

i passed a store,

saw a nice shirt,

saw another nice shirt on the act of getting the first nice shirt from the rack,

and being the just person that i am,

i fitted both shirts,

and bought them.

it was not really my fault

it was generosity’s fault

blame it.


7 Responses to “gifts, doubts, shirts”

  1. yeah right… rationalization, marwin… 🙂 as if naman there’s something new with you making porma… ;p

    hey, hindi na ko makakasama sa lantern 😥 my agency will be having our party and team-building kasi on wednesday… medyo i need to be there…

  2. armedlittleboy Says:

    ay naku

    ay naku talaga

    sige sa manila day ka na lang sumama

    di pde nde


  3. patawad na… kasi kailangan ko talaga pumunta don… sige, manila day, count me in talaga. wala na ko tatanggapin for that. when is that exactly ba? (sorry, nabobobo yata ako sa dates…)

  4. armedlittleboy Says:

    ay teka

    youre being hunted by jasmine

    oo ikaw misty

    youre being haunted

    hunted pla


  5. ano ba darwin, dinamay mo pa ako. “haunted” at “hunted” huh? which is whic?

    hello misty 🙂

  6. armedlittleboy Says:

    supposed to be hunted

    pero para ka kasing kalansay e

    kaya pde rin haunted


    i made a funny

  7. jasmine!!! may hikaw utangs pa ko sa yo… nyikes… ang dami dami kasing ginagawa…

    musta US?

    kailan kayo nasa office?

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