the other side

i have been reading a really funny book entitled ‘Lamb: the gospel according to Biff, Christ’s childhood pal’ by Christopher Moore

it tells the story of Jesus when he was growing up, the part of his life that was not mentioned in the Bible

a Jesus learning kung fu, yoga poses, public speaking, and even the intricacies of sex

a Jesus being trained by a buddhist monk and a yogi master

some may find it a bit blasphemous but it is of course done in the spirit of fun

it is after all refreshing to see something in a different light

a repositioning of perspectives

a change in views

finding something to smile or even laugh about in things that we tend to take seriously

too seriously.

i remember a story i read years ago

about a traveler who wants to cross to the other side of the river

he shouted at a woman doing laundry at the opposite bank, asking how to get to the other side

and the woman answered ‘but you’re already on the other side’

life is really a matter of perspective

and this i try to remember as i go through life

it depends on where and how you want too look at it

life can either be good or bad regardless of what’s happening

it just depends on where you want to view it

so lets be kind to ourselves

lets occupy the window seat

lets take the scenic route

lets enjoy the view

take lots of pictures

and be sure to smile.


One Response to “the other side”

  1. “life is really a matter of perspective” – yup, no doubt about it. No matter how many times you look at it or experience it, it will always be different to different people at different times in different contexts. Thats the fun as well as scary thing about life. Personally, I have mixed feelings about it. What about you, sunshine? :p

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