now i know why breast milk is best for babies

it comes from mommies

its free, no pressure in achieving target sales

or dominating the market

it has no prebio nor ara nor dha to flaunt on TV day after day

no bonding scenes are needed

no commercial jingles

no endorsers

it does not come with a label that lists down all the nutrients it has

neither does it pressure moms to check whether their kids are showing the 10 signs of good nutrition

it does not need to produce advertisements

no need to conceptualize

no need to ideate

no desire to understand consumers’ needs and attitudes

its just milk in a breast

it does not and will not claim it would make gifted children out of simpletons

nor will it claim to provide 100 percent nutrition that your child needs

it does not need to analyze whether  the endorser looks healthy or active or smart

its just milk in a breast

no need to make tv ads

no need to know what works or  what does not work in a commercial for milk

thus no need to commission studies on communication

inviting hordes of moms to talk about milk

day after day afer day

no need to write a report that  will not help solve world hunger

no need to stay up late in the night  trying to figure out how to sell a can of milk

no need to do what one does not really want to do

breastmilk is best for babies up to 2 years old?


breastmilk is best. period.


One Response to “milk”

  1. whaaat? formula milk product mo ngayon? parang alam ko na kung ano yan… ;p basta master, think of it as just work. kung hindi, super conflict with your ideologies. alam ko naman kahit nagrereklamo ka, super OK pa din ng report… 😉 have a great week ahead!!!

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